Systems Modeling

May 24, 2017 — Leave a comment

There are small systems and big systems. In most circumstances you can model both. Both models are important to understanding the future. One without the other is probably going to be wrong as often as right. Modeling of systems must include human performance systems.  Systems modeling involves process steps as well as transaction values.  Process steps come from system logs, a complex data source not very well used or understood by most organizations.  This is process mining.  We must recognize that case-based modeling and decision support falls short in that it does not understand the systems in which case based decisions are made.  All decisions are made within a system. System effects may be more powerful than case-based actions.  Process mining has a terrific future for those companies that understand this concept.   The technology is different than typical prediction mining. But the future of transaction based decision making lies in process mining.

Edward H. Vandenberg

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