Archives For Decision-Making

In customer service environments, the best approach to analytics is to create models that engage the insights of people who are providing the service and engaging with your customers.  That’s a real challenge.  Most modeling today is to drive procedures and replace or enhance procedure logic in information systems.

‘Service Analytics’ enables superior human intelligence leveraged by powerful machine learning.  Some refer to these models as a pair of glasses to improve insight. Procedural models drives another generation of logical machines (rules engines) that have inherent limitations in service environments.

I’ve learned from Gary Klein.  Senior Scientist at MIcroCognition LLC “instrumental in founding the field of naturalistic decision making”.

Read “Thinking,, The New Science of Decision-Making, Problem-Solving and Prediction” edited by John Brockman.  Harper Perenial 2013.

Thanks Gary.

Edward H. Vandenberg