Archives For Maturity Roadmap

As the leader of an analytics business unit, the scope of the methods and projects you should plan to deliver include:

  • Supervised and unsupervised modeling
  • Operations Research/Optimization
  • Design of Experiment
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Simulation
  • Forecasting
  • Text Mining (flow verbatim and text corpus)
  • Link Analysis
  • Big Data techniques (Map Reduce/Hadoop)
  • Heuristics (complex business rules)
  • Process Mining
  • Cognitive Decision Analysis
  • Visualizations (Mental Modeling)
  • Interpretation of dense signals (voice and image)
  • Interpretation of flow data (click streams, verbatim, dialogues and diaries)

You will have to work to uncover projects and understand the value proposition for these kinds of projects.  Even more challenging, you will have work to do to explain why your operations managers need these types of analytics to improve their operating results.

Lastly, you will need to bring the talent, tools and processes together to perform this type of work for your organization.  An exciting and challenging prospect.

If you are developing your business unit for ‘industrial’ scale, you will want to create an analytics business architecture.  It is primarily a way to communicate scope, plans, strategy, milestones etc. around the many aspects of advanced analytics that you should be addressing as you mature the unit.  This is a visual of the planning boxes that make up the current and future state of advanced analytics for your company.  It will also be a way to establish roles and responsibilities inside your business unit as it grows.

What is it?  It’s a diagram, on a single page that links ‘buckets’ of functions into a coherent and compelling picture.  In the spirit of open source, the category list of this blog represents a business architecture.  It’s a fully elaborated business unit thought process for parts of this science that need your attention and a way to educate others for activities outside of models and algorithms.

I invite you to elaborate on my version. This science is changing and growing significantly.  As such, what you need to plan for will change over time and be dynamically reshaped.