Enterprise Analytics and the Real World

October 6, 2012 — Leave a comment

Tom Davenport’s new book ‘Enterprise Analyitcs’ is just out. A quick browse shows a great selection of topics and authors with four chapters on organization and resources.
If you are in a large company, it’s worth thinking what “enterprise” means in your business. Chances are, analytics is currently a sprawling collection of small teams spread over different functional units, geographies, legacy companies, lines of business etc. Further, these units were likely initiated as a point solution activity, rather than a planned roadmap-but now you own them. The pathway to Enterprise Analytics will look daunting and disruptive for many and may not have support. Making this a compelling proposition with a plan that fits the legacy state is the job of the Analytic Executive and perhaps the future Chief Analytics Officer. Few people in your organization are likely to have the knowledge, credibility and judgment to support you. This subject is what the Analytic Executive blog is all about. Thanks to Tom et al for the book and to Tom for his recent article in HBR on Data Scientists.

Edward H. Vandenberg

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